AdD HyStor Project

About the AdD HyStor Project

AdD HyStor Project

AdD HyStor

AdD HyStor will develop and demonstrate an innovative adaptive flywheel battery hybrid energy storage system for dynamic grid stabilisation. The project will leverage existing battery energy storage pilot sites in the UK and Ireland to demonstrate an EU manufactured and technically specific adaptive-flywheel, creating a dynamic energy storage system where discharge duration can be matched exactly to the application requirements.

The AdD HyStor project is coordinated by Schwungrad Energie Limited, involves partners Adaptive Balancing Power GmbH who will provide their innovative adaptive flywheel technology, Freqcon GmbH will design and build scalable multi-source power converters to connect the flywheels to the grid, and the University of Sheffield.

Phase One – Pilot in Ireland

In the first stage of the project, the flywheel facility will be installed in Ireland, piloted by Schwungrad Energie Limited at their Hybrid Flywheel-Battery facility, which has already seen a successful and highly beneficial demonstration project, in collaboration with EirGrid. The flywheel system will be capable of a peak power of 500kW and able to store 10kWh of energy.

Phase Two – Pilot in UK

The system will then be installed at the University of Sheffield’s 2MW battery facility at Willenhall near Wolverhampton. The grid-connected research facility is one of the largest and fastest battery storage systems in the UK.

Project Partners

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 760443